Frequently asked questions

We know you must have questions about Standup Rentals.

Below is a list of the most asked questions that we receive about our SUP board rentals and the rental process. Questions such as how to reserve the SUP board rentals, what is included in the rental, the payment process, how to make changes to the order, delivery policy and potential discounts on multiple SUP board rentals, along with lots of information on how to reserve SUP board rentals online.

How can I reserve the rental equipment?

SUP board rental equipment is available online or by telephone. Full payment is expected at the time of pick-up or delivery.

Where and when do I pick-up my rentals?

Rentals should be picked-up during business hours in office of tourist agency MurterIN on address Jose Markova 1. If you are unable to return the equipment, you should contact us directly to notify us of any unexpected changes.

What happens if I cancel?

Individuals can cancel reservations up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up date.

What happens if I return the equipment late or damaged?

A client returning damaged equipment will be charged a fee (see Rental Policies) to the chosen method of payment (Cash). Our team will attempt to contact and notify you of additional charges and allow an alternative payment method.

Can I make changes to my rental reservation?

Yes, you can change your rental reservation by adding extra days or changing your rental choice as long as the equipment is available. It is highly recommended to do so in advance.

If I reserve the rentals online does this guarantee a reservation?

Yes. Once you have submitted the reservation form, you will receive a confirmation via email. This email guarantees the reservation of the SUP board rental equipment.