Island Massage Bliss

Island Massage Bliss


Using the technique of Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage the therapist gives you a full healing session of about 2 hours, including a brief health consultation – so no clock involved.

Sourced from an ancient Hawaiian tradition this massage recognizes the human being as one: body, mind and soul. By treating the whole person, this massage aims to relax the muscles, calm the emotions, improve blood circulation, recharge the body’s immune system and refresh the spirit. While the whole body is accepted unconditionally, the muscles and connective tissues are stretched, stiff joints are loosened, the skin glows and internal organs are gently massaged into their correct relationships. Incorporating a range of techniques, treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. As a result, Lomi Lomi massage may be soothing, revitalising, energising, gentle or deep. The therapist works with deep breathing and a heart-centered focus, giving balance, energy flow, and peace to the client - making this massage holistic and unique.

Treatments and prices: 

Island Massage Bliss 

Treat yourself to Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage in the privacy of our unique bay. The treatment is given on a patio platform, under white baldachins overlooking surrounding islands. 

Pick up and drop off: our quay can not take bigger boats so you can easily park in our safe bay and we will collect you with our little boat. Our bay is only 1.5 miles from the main harbor village of Murter. If you are staying on the mainland we can collect you from the main harbor of Murter village (near Petrol station and the main bus station). Boat ride to our island takes around 15 minutes. 

Experience Lomi Lomi Massage on Your Yacht 

The therapist is able to visit your yacht within 2 nautical miles from the Radej Retreat. You may also park in our bay (see the map for the location of our house). Session is around 2 hours (massage table is provided by therapist). 

Please note that this tour can not be shortened to partial body massages as session is a holistic experience that covers the full healing treatment.

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